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Faster bowel evacuation.
Be smart. Save time.


Prevents health issues
Healthy colon, no problems.


Naturally great product.
Manufactured sustainably.


Made in Europe.
In Czech Republic with golden hands.


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No hassle, ready for action.


Tradition inspired design.
Time tested bohemian stool

stokrle_icons_1_storingStores neatly, looks perfect.
Fits most toilets.


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Behind the curtains

It all started with Crohn disease.  I got this nasty colon inflamatory disease in 2009. And little monster has kept my intestines awake for days. Since then, I´ve always had problems with my poop evacuation. Time flew by. Mostly just the time. But one day, my uncle introduced me to the idea of changing my toilet posture. Like my buddy Pavel is doing here...stokrle_pavel1

This was real game-changer for me. It sounds funny, but we were born to be toilet "squaters". Once I get used to practice of squating, I ´ve reduced time spent on the toilet, I felt better in my bowels and inflamation disappeared.

This is my story. But there are millions of people who are walking proof that this approach actually works

 "“1.2 billion people around the world who squat have almost no incidence of diverticulosis and fewer problems with piles. We in the west, on the other hand, squeeze our gut tissue until it comes out of our bottoms,”  - Gulia Enders , Darm mit Charm 

Designed sustainably


When I told my partner Pavel, that I would like to have a toilet stool and solve my pooping issues, we´ve both became excited about it and we´ve done  market research. What we found, didn´t satisfy us.

 We don´t like cheap plastic products things that once thrown away could strangle an octopus swimming peacefuly in the ocean. Pavel locked himself in his atelier and in one week, he came with something which later became the stokrle.





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